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Snake Gaiters

Snakes are among the deadliest predators one may encounter in the wild.


The venom these creatures hold in their body can paralyze a person in an instant or worse, it can even cause a person’s death in a matter of seconds.


But they are also too interesting to possess that many find it a hobby and passion to catch snakes.


No matter what reasons we have, wearing protection against these deadly foes are always a must.

Snake gaiters (sometimes simply referred to as hiking gaiters or boot gaiters, though there is a difference) are the basic protection a person can have against the threats of their deadly venom.


Like any other gaiters, these are worn below the knee and above the boot to guard the lower portion of the body against possible external forces that can penetrate basic clothing such as pants. Snake gaiters are specially designed to shield the lower leg from snake bites since this part of the body is the most prevalent target of these crawling creatures. 


 snake gaiters

  snake gaiter

snake gaiters

Newer designs of snake proof gaiters come very fashionable and stylish. With double shielded sides, reversing the sides of the gaiter will create another look out of it. Reversible boot gaiters are today’s best selling gaiters since these provide additional use and style for buyers. Reversible come with different designs on each side, but are mostly dominated with the same color scheme. 

Snake proof gaiters are made from durable materials such as the combination of high-strength ballistic fibers and polyester. This is to prevent the venom ejected by snakes from penetrating the body. Other traditional designs are made from the combination of cotton and polyester to bring both comfort and protection.


Buying snake gaiters can be a little tricky if you are unsure of what to look for. Similar to other garments available to us, snake proof gaiters for boots are designed to fit the appetite of their makers for fashionable yet protective garments. First thing to consider would be the length of the garment. The length determines the area where protection is spread. There are boot gaiters that sit below the knees and there are also those that go above the knee - often referred to as over-the-knee gaiters.


 boot gaiters

snake proof gaiters 

snake proof gaiters

The weight of the gaiter is another thing that needs special attention. Since these are add-on garments and not part of the basic clothing you put on, the lighter the material the more suitable it is. You do not want to carry additional baggage in your body or else it may cause inconvenience to your actions.


However, while considering the weight of the boot gaiter, one must also think about the protection it offers. Despite being lightweight a gaiter must continue to provide the same protection similar to those that are of heavy type which provides good security to your lower leg.


For a more fashionable look while maintaining protection, the color of the snake proof gaiter can be an important factor to consider. Most dominant colors available are khaki and brown which fit any pant colors. Black and camouflage are also available in many stores for more fashionable and rigid looking boot gaiters


Additional features such as windproof, waterproof, rust proof zippers, and flexibility provide good functionalities for snake gaiters. Since these garments are designed for the wild, it must be capable of withstanding the demand of the environment to make a worthy investment.



The video above demonstrates one specific brand of snake gaiters.